Take your business with you whenever you go!

Supervisors and area managers

With our managers app, you can moniotr attendance for all your sites. right from the ClickTime Admin PP

Quickly Check attendance

See live information for all your sites. Check any issues accross your entir business from your mobile app.
admin app

Real time information for your entire workforce.

See who is working, late, absent, left early and much more..

Real Time Alerts

site supervisor will receive alerts for any exceptions such as employee (late, left job site, leave jobs site...etc

Remote Management

Eliminate the need of physical presence in staff's territory

Group Clocking Feature

Supervisor can easily clock in and out for team members that don’t have smart phones or forgot to clock in or out

Stay on top of your business with Supervisors Alerts

Customize which alerts to be sent to the site supervisors
  • Employee dose not show up for the shiftView and
  • Employee leaves the job site.
  • Employee clocked out early or forgot to clock out
  • Many other alerts.....

What supervisor can do with the ClickTime Admin App?

  • View & confirm staff clock locations
  • See who is on currently working & who didnt show up for their shifts
  • See who is running lates the email, call or SMS them directory from app
  • See who left the job early and see late arrival
  • Clock in and clock out employee into my site
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