Applicants Manager

ApplicantsManager helps you organize, manage and speed up your hiring process.

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Hire Smarter

Get the right employee in the right place in less time by hiring smarter online. Store, sort, retrieve, view all candidates documents online.


Speed Up Hire Process

Manage and speed up your hiring process, organize job applications without the hassle of paperwork. Hire smarter and faster.


Trim Down Screening Process

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Security Guards Talent

Build your own talent pool for your next contact. Access their records faster. Send them to your client by a mouse click.

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Complete Profile

Clicking on an applicant shows their contact information, resume, and your personal notes on them. Don’t waste time searching for the information on Excel spreadsheet or a cluttered Inbox

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Professional Job Application

Let the system automatically generate a professional looking application form filled with the applicant’s data in PDF format. Email, print or export to Excel and download the applicant’s licenses,

ApplicantsManager Benefits

  • Export your account data at any time in case you want to keep a local copy
  • Centralized online candidates database
  • Score and shortlist your applicants for interviews and for future contacts
  • Search & filter for qualified candidates.
  • Compare applicants at a Glance.
  • Get notified immediately by email when new applicants apply online.
  • Ditch your spreadsheets and stacks of paper. Automate your entire process
  • Send & Email applicants profile to your clients or colleges for review in one mouse click

How Does It Work? Three Easy Steps

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Get a Company Branded Career Website

We’ll create a branded career page that will integrate seamlessly with your website and will display your company name and logo. The application process is simple and intuitive. You also have full control over how much information you want to collect

Get Notified

You will receive email notification every time a new application is filled out and submitted by security guards. Click to view and download the application or send it to your client by email.

Start the screening process.

Search and filter the applicants by (Name, state, licenses & qualifications, Nationality, Ranking). Start sorting applicants based off the information they provided, saving you hours on data entry and resume comparison.

Speed the Applicant Screening Process

  • Take advantage of advanced search and filter capabilities to quickly identify qualified applicants.
  • Convert applicants to new hire records with the touch of a button.
  • Take advantage of advanced search and filter capabilities to quickly identify qualified applicants
  • Sort, classify and rate candidates and tag applications for easy look-back.
  • Build your own talent pool of high-calibre guards candidates
  • Access anywhere. Web-based and hosted in the Cloud – no software or hardware.
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Search For The Right Candidate

Search your candidate’s database to find applicants by keywords, ratings, skills, certifications, state and other attributes. E.g. search for candidate that lives in NSW or QLD or search for candidates that have a combination of licenses.

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Centralize employee information.

ApplicantsManager consolidates all of your employee information into a single view. You can then access, control, sort, analyse, and take action on the data instantly—from your office, the road or home.

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Talent pooling

Build a valuable talent pool or database of security guards candidates, available to access at any time from anywhere.

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Eliminate Hiring Headaches

Our online software makes it easier for job hunters to apply online while simultaneously helping you filter out unqualified candidates


Saves managers time and effort

Managers have a single place to go for all their recruiting and talent management tasks, including candidate information, resume reviews and interview feedback. And better yet, all the candidates scanned certificates & licenses.

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Win New Contracts and Retain Customers

Differentiate Your Offering with Best-in-Class Software

If you sell your services to contractors, winning bids and keeping customers is a constant battle. Differentiate your offering with ApplicantsManager solution and give customers what they really want, peace of mind. All employee's profiles & certifications can be provided to your customers through web and mobile platforms keeping your clients connected and increasing the value of your services.
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Interview, rank, short list and hire

Applicants can apply and upload resumes and other important documents like diplomas, first aid, and security certificates. Each new candidate created in the ApplicantsManager has a blank interview & profile page that the administrator can complete with ranking, notes, interview details and result.


Up and running in 5 minutes

No manuals, no installations, no learning curves. If you can use LinkedIn or Facebook, you can use ApplicantsManager with no or minimal training.


Recruiting system

Full-featured recruiting system. You can easily streamline your entire HR recruitment process and convert successful applicants to employees with a few mouse clicks.

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Compliance & Document Management

Administrators can access & view employee documents, resume, job application and other important documents like diplomas and certificates to keep an accurate log of information.

Each new agent created in the ApplicantsManager has an interview and ranking profile page that the administrator can complete. Whenever you get a new job or win a contract, just click and retrieve all the interviewed, previously short listed, ranked or retrieve guards with specific skills in a matter of seconds.

Guards Applicants Manager Software works on
any mobile device with an internet connections.
No installation needed

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Utilize technology To Your benefit

ApplicantsManager is the new, innovative way to hire employees. The online software helps you organize, manage and speed up your hiring process. We offer a free 30-day trial to let you test drive our applicants management software. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to the old way of sorting through piles of printed resumes.

No Surprises

No small print. No contracts. No lock-in contact. export all your data when you want to leave