Save Time & Money & be More Effecient

Cut down in time spent talking to your employees over the phone, publish their roster instantly to ClickTime App & collect their timesheet quickly right to your desktop
employee app
Employee use the app to view & access their weekly schedules
Full shift details, nstructions & site address on Google maps
Today's shifts , weekly scheduled hours , weekly assigned shifts & attendance hours all displayed on the dashbaord
Employee clock-in & out with GeoFencing restrictions & warnings
Notifications , reset password & account details
Employees always access & view their time sheet
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Take your business with you whenever you go!

holding mgr app

Customize Alerts & Notification to both Employees & Supervisors

GPS tracking, geoFecning, Phto Capturw and not just a clock-in & out

Watch your employees. Safety first. The Who’s working page shows where your employees at

Mange your staff from anywhere in real time using ClickTime Admin app.

Compare employee roster with time attendance automaticallly

Less administrative work with rule based Auto Clock Out & Auto Approve of timesheets