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Employee Rostering & Timesheet Software

Many Australian companies trust WorkTime Manager to help manage their Operations

Online Roster

Manage your employee work schedule in multiple sites, publish your roster Through SMS, emails and mobile APP.

Mobile Timesheet with GPS & Geofencing

Mobile time attendance. Track when and where your staff punch for shifts. Track employee time and location easily, from anywhere.

Cotractors Management

Grant access to a sub-contractors and monitor their activities and ensure the implementation of procedure, time attendance and SOPs and work instructions.

HR Management

From recruitment to managing the complete profile of all employees, we offer smart HR management. Keep employee records in one central secure place accessed from anywhere

  • Powerful easy to use , intuitive roster
  • Publish your roster with SMS & E-mail
  • Manage employees certifications and training
  • Know instantly where the employees are assigned.
  • Employees view their roster instantly on APP
  • Get alerted for licenses expiry
  • Bill & invoice your clients

Australian #1 Rostering and Timesheet Software

ClickTime Rostering Software - Free Trial with ClickTime Today

All in one software solution for your company operations


Fast Drag & Drop Roster

Roster is displayed and managed in clear modern, intuitive calendar format. Creating staff shift schedule is simple and fast with our interactive interface. Create, copy and move shift using Drag & Drop

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Multi Site Schedualling

You manage multiple sites, then RosterManager can save you even more time. Track and view the site's roster easily and painlessly. Identify site or organization training requirements and track contract compliance specifications.

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Roster Using SMS & Email

Eliminate the time and cost associated with phone calls. Publish your staff roster with SMS or Email. Let your staff access their roster from any where using our ClickTime™ mobile App .

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Client Invoicing

Generate invoices based on hours worked per customer/task/activity. Allocate different rates for different sites and different tasks/activities per site. These features are ideal for security , labour hire, cleaning, contractors, project management, home care, and consulting etc.

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Intelligent Warning System

Define & set rules for your work roster and get alerted when exceeding the rules. Manage employee training, inductions and get alerts for certifications expiry. Get alerted for double booking.

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Stay Compliant

Manage employee records and maintain employee information in one central database Collect, retain and organize training records and certifications to warn of critical recertification dates, manage important employee assets and reduce compliance & legal risks

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Payroll Integration To MYOB ADP QuickBooks & KeyPay

Reduce hours of payroll to just minutes. It's that easy. Reduce payroll stress. Create & manger payroll categories and eliminate data entry & payroll error

Instantly improves capabilities by automating your

Employee Rostering & Timesheet Software

Project & Jobs Time Tracking

Easily track time spent on projects, clients and sites for better insights and improved budgeting, forecasting and resource planning.

Process Payroll Data Faster

Our system will compare and highlight the difference between roster & employee timesheet hours. No more wasting time to manually compare and rectify.

Centerlised Employee Information

Record a wide variety of HR related data. Set preferred days, contact details, pay rates & banking details. Assign leave  & qualifications. Even personalize employees with a photo

Automated Shift Reminder

Never miss a shift. Employees have no more excuses. These notifications are sent out to staff as emails or text messages. Customize how many hours before shift start time to send the shift reminder.

The future of workforce management software

Manage your workforce with ease with our powerful workforce and human resource management software.

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Powerful easy to use solutions for your operations

Documents & Licenses

Define documents and licences that you need to collect and manage.

Compliance Protection

Automatically ensure worker licences and documents are current to meet industry requirements

Real-Time Reporting

Real time reports and data analysis. Make the right business decision based on your data facts.

Fatigue Management

Avoid employee fatigue by setting a limit on how many hours an employee can work per day or week.

Roles & Permissions

Restrict access to the system with user logins and assign roles to limit the type of access. Create as many roles as needed by your business.

ClickTime Mobile

Mobile time attendance. Track when and where your staff punch for shifts. Track employee time and location easily, from anywhere

Groups Communication

Streamline communication and have it on one place. Send messages to selected employees or selected groups in seconds.

Applicant Manager

Cloud online solution that helps you to manage your job applicants and candidates.

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